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Hurray for diversity!
Welcome to the Haus Bürgel Eco Centre's model orchard! Here you can discover more than thirty different cultivars and learn about growing fruit. More than a thousand types of fruit are cultivated in Germany the range of flavours, uses, and storage and growth characteristics is immense. The choice in supermarkets is limited, however; for the full array of cultivars you have to come to an old meadow orchard. The Haus Bürgel Eco Centre is committed to preserving the local meadow orchards. We want to give diversity a chance!
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Growing with the challenge
Fruit trees come in various shapes and sizes, from spindlebush to dwarf bush, half-standard, and standard. Have a look at the information panels next to the trees in the model orchard to find out more. Most of the nature reserve's meadow orchards have standard fruit trees. They can live to the ripe old age of 150 and produce an annual yield of up to 300 kilograms. Besides having an important ecological function, old fruit trees have great beauty and charm.

Learn, eat, enjoy
At the Haus Bürgel Eco Centre we like to share our knowledge, our fresh fruit, and our enjoyment of nature! You can try many different types of apples and stock up on the ones you like best at one of the autumn fruit sales at which we sell our harvest. You are also welcome to pick up fruit from the ground in the nature reserve's meadow orchards, but please do not pick any fruit from the trees! If you'd like to expand your knowledge about fruit and trees, do join us at one of our fruit-picking events, pruning workshops, or tree talks and walks.
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