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The Urdenbacher Kämpe nature reserve provides a habitat that has become rare in our day: a riverine wetland subject to regular flooding. Crested newts and water frogs inhabit its still waters. Pike and tench benefit from the new opening under the Urdenbacher Bridge, since during floods they can swim across into the adjoining meadows, which the floodwater turns into ideal spawning beds. Where the Old Rhine has a sandy bottom you can see Banded demoiselles dancing above the water's surface.
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Auenblicke Fauna
Auenblicke Fauna
Listen for the call of rare birds: during May and June golden orioles nest in the tall poplars, and the old meadow orchards and pollard willows provide a home and hunting grounds for around five pairs of Little owls. If you're lucky, you may even spot a kingfisher while wandering along the Old Rhine. This jewel of a bird nests in the root plates of fallen poplars. Other birds to be found in the nature reserve include whitethroats as well as green and spotted woodpeckers. Two colonies of grey herons are well visible in the poplar tops. In wintertime Great white egrets come to visit, and in the summer you may occasionally spot a black kite.
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