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Auenblicke - Naturinterpretationspfad When the dike was opened in 2014, the Old Rhine was once again able to wander at will. Now the landscape keeps changing subtly as a patchwork of runnels and pools, reed beds and willow scrub evolves.
Rest on one of the benches and observe nature, or stop at an audio pod to listen to the voices of the people who live here and who helped create this trail. Let their stories inspire you and share your own impressions on the noticeboards provided.

Auenblicke NaturinterpretaionspfadAuenblicke NaturinterpretaionspfadAuenblicke Naturinterpretaionspfad
Auenblicke Auenkarte
Diaschau Naturinterpretationspfad
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