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The Reuter Draught Horse Stud

The farm buildings at Haus Bürgel accommodate the Reuter family's draught horse stud. The Rhineland Heavy Draught also known as the Rhenish-German Coldblood is a traditional local breed and was once commonly used in agriculture, industry, and commerce. When mechanization and motorization reduced the need for heavy working horses, the breed went into a significant decline.
Auenblicke Kaltblut-Pferdezucht ReuterAuenblicke Kaltblut-Pferdezucht ReuterAuenblicke Kaltblut-Pferdezucht Reuter
Thanks to a small number of devotees who continued to breed these friendly giants, the Rhineland Heavy Draught has survived. The Reuter family has been breeding Rhineland Heavy Draughts for more than one hundred years. The horses at Haus Bürgel pull the wagons used in the popular wagon rides around the nature reserve, as well as the occasional wedding carriage.
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